Keep Yourself Dry – 5 Must-Have Wet Weather Products

With summer coming to an end, this marks the beginning of inconsistent weather and the time when sales of clothing and accessories for wet weather give retailers a slight boost. In the UK, the weather is a common topic of conversation and so it is only right that we show you products that can make the next few months that much more bearable. Here are our five must-have items to keep you dry during wet weather.



Almost always the first line of defence against the rain, the humble umbrella has not seen many changes over the past few decades. Lately, there has not been any crazy innovation to make the product better, aside from creating more compact, robust versions, and that is a testament to it’s design but also its limitations. While it provides adequate protection from rain falling vertically, if you throw a strong wind into the mix, you’ll quickly find the lower part of your body wet. Nevertheless a good, compact and gust-proof umbrella is a must-have during times of wet weather.



Over the past few years, raincoats have become much more than a practical garment for the worst weather. They have in fact become stylish products that find themselves being worn in almost any climate, rain or shine. Gone are the days of oversized, plasticky materials providing you effective but unattractive protection from the rain. The past decade has ushered in new, sleeker designs, made from more modern materials, but sometimes even recycled plastic. Demand for such products has been evenly distributed and companies are catering to everyone almost equally. Raincoats for women are just as common as for men and vice-versa.


Waterproof phone case

Although many modern phones have some level of water-resistance, this is not usually covered by the warranty and it certainly doesn’t hurt to have protection against not only water, but also bumps and drops. There are countless situations during the day where your phone can be susceptible to water damage, so it would be wise to protect it against that. Look for a case that is rubberised (to protect against knocks) and which has a military-grade drop rating. Coupled with sealed waterproof features, you would be mightily unlucky to fall victim to water damage.


Waterproof boots

These may be anything from wellington boots to hiking boots, regardless, these are essentials for the rain, and even more so if you walk in flood-prone areas. Nowadays, waterproof boots that blur the line between casual boots and outdoor boots are becoming increasingly common. You no longer need to change into a different pair of shoes at work – just leave home in the rain, and arrive at work with your socks and shoes still dry. It’s as simple as that!


A waterproof bag

Essential for keeping all your larger valuables secure and dry while you’re on the move, get yourself a waterproof bag that comfortably fits a laptop, papers and whatever electronics you need to keep dry. While some of these bags can be quite heavy, if you aren’t heading out for long, consider a lightweight, roll-top dry bag. These are great for the beach, but are just as useful in the city.